Import to Bali – Things you need to know

Are you planning to import to Bali?
Are you interested in selling your product or starting a business in Bali?

Over the last few years Bali has turned from just a holiday destination into a business opportunity with over 4 million consumers. The people, the culture and the breathtaking landscapes make people wants to have a piece of it. People used to come only for holidays but the comfort of the warm weather alluring people to want to live in this beautiful island.

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For instance, when people move to a new place, they naturally come up with a plan to make a living and that’s when the business starts. It’s not only because of the beauty and the weather but the low living and operational costs is one good point for considerations.

Furthermore, along with the development of IT infrastructure over the last few years, business is also growing rapidly. Businesses are sprouting like mushrooms in rainy season. All types of business be it technology, art, lifestyle, consumer products, services and small industries. If you are one of the people who decided to start a business in Bali, you have to follow the regulations. Depends on your business, there are rules for any kind of business you need to learn.

Things you need to know before Importing to Bali

If your business is consumer good or small industry, you may need some material which not yet exist in Bali. This material is not even found in Indonesia, so you have to import it from abroad. However, to be able to legally import goods into Indonesia, you have to know a few things before starting. Importing to Indonesia can be very difficult or easy, depending on your understanding of Indonesia’s import regulations. So, before you start importing to Bali, please check the following brief information about standard import procedure.

 Standard Import Procedure in Indonesia:
  1. Once your cargo reached Indonesia port you must ready to submit the Import Declaration Form (PIB-Pemberitahuan Impor Barang). The declaration contains detail information about your shipment, legal paperwork, import duties and taxes.
  2. After you submit the PIB it will then goes to the customs examination process. There are 3 examination channels and which one you get will depends on the shipment document and or the condition.
  • Green channel > this means everything is OK. Your goods and your documents are all matched and you have paid all the duties & taxes.
  • Yellow channel > this means that customs hold your cargo, because they might find something is missing or incorrect after checking your paperwork. You will need to provide the missing documents or to correct them.
  • Red channel > this means that customs will physically inspect your cargo. This is an in-depth examination and will take several days. There are several possible reasons why you might get the red channel. It could be a document error, wrong HS code tariff, or a change in regulations. Your cargo will stuck untill you resolve the issue.
  1. After passing the inspection process, you will receive an Approval Letter for the Release of Goods (SPPB – Approval Letter for Goods Approval).

Please note that only Indonesian company can proceed with the import clearance procedures. So before importing anything you have to make sure that consignee or you in case you are the receiver, have all the necessary permit.

Import to Bali with Prima Logistic

If you are planning to import goods to Bali, we can guide you through all the necessary things before you start. You can consult your import plan with us and we will provide you with the best possible solution. If you plan to import goods that has no restriction and only once or twice then we can provide the import license. But if you plan to import regularly, maybe you have established your business in Bali, we suggest you to set up a company with an import permit.

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