Jepara Teak Furniture and Wood Carvings

Jepara teak furniture and its wood carvings are inseparable. The world has known wood carvings from Jepara for a long time and it is not without reason because there is a story that accompanies it. Let us invite you to get a closer look to the city of Jepara.

Jepara Teak Furniture

Jepara Teak Furniture

In Indonesian history, Jepara is the hometown of R.A. Kartini, one of the most prominent Javanese female figures in the Dutch colonial era. A woman of aristocratic descent with the title Raden Adjeng, who throughout her life fought for women’s equal rights for education.

Her intelligence, which was not common for Javanese women at the time, was finally recognized. Her letters were published into books. And the famous one was titled “Out of Dark Comes Light” (Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang). As a result, Indonesian government declared Kartini as a national hero and her birthday April 21 is now celebrated as Kartini Day.

The Influence of R.A. Kartini was not only about women’s emancipation but also the development of the wood carving industry in Jepara. Since then, wood carving from Jepara has become increasingly popular. The beauty of the carving motifs and the best quality of teak wood are starting to be recognized in the world.

Jepara today

Today, Jepara is a district city that is not too broad but is known as a city that produces superior teak furniture and handicrafts which are widely exported to many countries in the world. The city is now filled with craft galleries and furniture shops. Any kind of carvings in various shapes are there. From traditional carvings to modern carvings, you can find them along the city street. While you can find a wide variety of carvings on display in the city, the production section is usually located on the outskirts of the city.

Export from Jepara

Export from Jepara

Initially, production in Jepara was dominated by carved furniture, the more complex the motif, the higher the price. As the Jepara wood product market expands, ultimately it is not just the art of carving. Some foreign buyers began ordering goods with their designs. Some even put a Quality Control staff in Jepara. So that when they buy goods, the staff will be able to immediately check the quality of the goods before they send it to their country.

Export from Jepara

Most of the export from Jepara use sea transportation, either by container (FCL) or LCL if the order does not reach one full container. However, there are also those who use air transportation to ship sample items in small parties.

The export process of Jepara teak furniture and wood carvings must go through several stages of complying with requirements and documentation. The export standard for commodity made of wood is that it must have a Timber Legality Certificate which is commonly called V-Legal. The certificate serves as a guarantee that the wood used is not stolen or illegal.

Another requirement is Certificate of Fumigation which is usually required by the majority of destination countries. To get a fumigation certificate, a fumigation process is usually carried out with certain chemicals which aim to kill wood pests.

In addition to the above requirements, exporters are also required to have complete permits as exporters of wood-based commodities in accordance with applicable regulations. If all the requirements are met, the export process will run smoothly.

Teak Furniture

Teak Furniture

As a mainstay commodity, the export of Jepara teak furniture and wood carvings continues to increase every year. Handicrafts and wood carvings have become the economic lifeblood of Jepara residents.

Are you planning to start a Jepara teak furniture export business? Or maybe you are one of the craftsmen in Jepara who need an agent to help the wood carving export process?  You’re on the right page! We are ready to help and provide the best solution for your wood carving export plans.

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