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Our Dedicated Cargo Service in Semarang

Officially open since March 01, 1999 as our dedicated cargo service in Semarang to cater the area of Central Java and Yogyakarta.

Located at the center of Semarang as one of the largest cities in Indonesia, the capital of Central Java, where there lies the international port of Tanjung Emas that serves as the main gateway for exports of various products from Central Java.

Central Java is one of the provinces with the largest industrial area in Indonesia. The largest industries are the garment, textile and wood-based industries. Industrial areas in Central Java are growing rapidly and logistics activities are increasing. With the increase of logistic activities, it increases the need of logistic handling service. Here we are ready to help you!

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Prima International Cargo
Semarang Branch

Office Address:

Jl. Puspowarno III No.6, Salamanmloyo,
Kec. Semarang Barat, Kota Semarang,
Jawa Tengah 50141
Phone : +6224 7625535

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