The Impact of Covid Pandemic on Cargo Business in Bali

Denpasar – It has been almost 10 months since the Covid Pandemic swept the world and various aspects of life seems to have completely changed in an instant. Since the opening of lockdowns in several countries in July, the conditions have not really stabilized. The news about vaccines has been echoing since a few months ago, but the realization is still unclear who knows when. Amid the uncertainty that still surrounds, the logistics business condition is still in turbulence. Even though it is one of the businesses that still survives in the midst of pandemic, the logistics world is quite disrupted due to chaotic flight and shipping routes due to lockdowns at the beginning of the pandemic.

Cargo Business in Bali ngurah rai international airport

Cargo Business in Bali Prima International Cargo, Prima Logistics

Two weeks ago we wrote about the shortage container and vessels which still going on and still no sign of getting better. As the Christmas holidays draw near, things get even more messy in the aviation service. With the situation more or less similar to the shipping, the aviation world is now experiencing the shortage of aircraft space due to the lack of aircraft operating while demand is starting to increase. Aircraft space is now something to fight for.

One of the worst situation happens in Bali where the tourism has been pretty much horrendous, the logistics business is now in a confusing state. On the sea side, Bali is depended on the traffic of Surabaya port which still affected by the confusing international traffic. On the air side, Ngurah Rai airport which usually have hundreds of international flights each day now has only 2 – 3 left. Currently there is only one international flight with regular service from Bali. Emirates is the only one left with the direct international route and regular schedule for about 2 – 3 times a week. Other airlines only take cargo from Bali for charter flight. Other than that, all international flight must go first to Jakarta.

And not as easy as just a transit in Jakarta, but the reservations take longer than usual. Seems that almost all international flights in Indonesia is centered in Jakarta, so anyone who make reservations must compete with everybody to get the space. Reservation can take about 5 days or more to get space confirmation. Not to mention the most unpleasant thing is that, reservation must be made first to get the space then the airline will inform the rate which extremely high. The airfreight rate during pandemic increase about 100% and now with the holiday getting closer, it has now reach about 200%.

With all the current situation that seems nobody knows when will end, cargo businesses in Bali is floundering about in uncertainty. Tourism has been collapse since the beginning of the pandemic and affected almost all other sectors. The opening of domestic tourist gate on August doesn’t seem to bring any expected result. Many tourist attractions are in dilemma whether to open or not open with just small amount of visitors that cannot cover the operational costs. Many art galleries and shops are also still closed. Some art shops still receive orders from customer through email although maybe just small orders. But then again, with just small orders and the difficulties of sending it, makes it quite troublesome.

Cargo Business in Bali

Cargo Business in Bali

Let alone international transportations, even the domestic one is also suffering. Land transportation between cities and islands is so limited due to restrictions and the obligations to provide covid-19 test result that shows negative. With almost all consumer goods comes from another island, the situation has inevitably increase the price of some products sold in Bali because the transportation cost is higher than usual.

Bali is facing really difficult situation where on one side hopelessly wish the international tourist gate to be open soon, but on the other side, the possibility of increasing the virus transmission will also be wide open, which is scary. Everyone is now waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel and that is the vaccine. According to the news, the vaccine will be available at the beginning of 2021. Let’s hope that its true.

In the midst of this very inconvenient situation, cargo business in Bali is still surviving. We managed to survive by doing our best. We arrange any shipment in whatever way possible to get the goods delivered at customer’s premises. (dew)

Now let us all hope that the pandemic will be over soon !

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