UMKM become exporters, why not.

Semarang – The covid 19 virus has attacked almost all over the world. Efforts to break the chain of spread of the virus have been made, many countries have imposed lock downs. Many international airports have been closed, export – import activities through the air mode are carried out in Indonesia by territorial restriction policies based on the decisions of each province.

Policies implemented in various countries, including in Indonesia, have caused factories to lay off employees for quite a long time and many people return to their villages as unemployed.

The cessation of airport airfreight exports and an increase in the number of unemployed people has disrupted Indonesia’s economy. So that the Government provides assistance, one of which is assistance to UMKM (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) actors, because these UMKM have a big share in economic turnover.

If the UMKM actors are guided intensively, they will have the potential to become exporters. For example, several home businesses in the form of cloth masks have been sent abroad, there are also home made bags. However, the shipment is still for personal use. If the government can help with the marketing process & facilitate sales, perhaps periodically holding exhibitions / bazaars at Ambassador offices abroad, it can expand the reach of the market.

Not only masks & bags, there are many other products that seem worth prospecting for export. Maybe rendang has become one of the tastiest foods in the world or pecel seasoning, because not all countries have spices like Indonesia. Of course, the cooking process so that the food is durable and the packaging must be considered so that it has more selling value. And there are still many commodities that are prospective for export.

However, exports whose goods are for the buyer’s own use are of course different procedures with exports which are not small in quantity / to be traded again in the destination country.

For trade in Indonesia, it is required that the exporter must be in the form of a business entity (PT / CV / cooperative or other) and the requirements for export must have:

  1. NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number) => Tax Service Office
  2. Trading Business Permit (SIUP) from the Trade Service or “Industrial Permit” from the Industry Service.
  3. TDP (Company Registration) => Regency / City One Stop Investment Service
  4. NIK (Customs Identity Number) => Directorate General of Customs and Excise 

Certain goods in the export process have additional requirements, for example; · For certain food commodities, there must be a letter from the quarantine for commodity made of wood, there must be a permit from Sucofindo

There are things to think about too, namely the product brand. A business must start with optimism and hope for success. If successful, sometimes there are duplicate brands. So it is necessary to prepare the protection of the rights to the brands that have been made.

Registration of trademarks is carried out at the DGIP (Directorate General of Intellectual Property). So, UMKM players can develop their business and look for opportunities to become exporters.

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